Thursday, September 6, 2012

SCCM 2007 Updates Deployment issues

 Install not allowed as another job is still in progress Security updates deployments to Servers

Having an issue with a ConfigMgr client not installing updates No errors just showing 
Install not allow as another job is still in progress”      or 
“Security updates preparing for installation”

Even after the reboot, machine policy reset, no resolution 

There are no errors in the log files UpdateDeployment.log except showing the messages saying  "Install not allow as another job is still in progress"

Steps to be followed 

Kindly use SCCM Client Center to Repair WMI its more effective 

SCCM Client Center to "Delete root\ccm" (button under Repair WMI) to delete the CCM Namespace from WMI. These steps worked and the SCCM service (SMS Agent Host) came back online, software updates scan took place and assignments started to apply. Updates began to download and apply as normal. 

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