Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SCCM 2007 & WSUS Security Patch Troubleshooting Log files

Client side Log file :::

WUAHandler.log - Provides information about when the Windows Update Agent on the client searches for software updates.

ScanAgent.log - Provides information about the scan requests for software updates, what tool is requested for the scan, the WSUS location, and so on.

UpdatesStore.log - Provides information about the compliance status for the software updates that were assessed during the compliance scan cycle. 

UpdatesHandler.log - Provides information about software update compliance scanning and about the download and installation of software updates on the client.

WindowsUpdate.log (located in C:\windows directory) - Provides information about when the Windows Update Agent connects to the WSUS server and retrieves the software updates for compliance assessment and whether there are updates to the agent components.

WindowsDeployment.log - Provides information about the deployment on the client, including software update activation, evaluation, and enforcement. Verbose logging shows additional information about the interaction with the client user interface.

smscliUI.log - Provides information about the Configuration Manager Control Panel user interactions, such as initiating a Software Updates Scan Cycle from the Configuration Manager Properties dialog box

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